Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto once said: 👇

“We trust banks with their money and electronic transactions with them, but they issue them in the form of loans, forming waves of credit bubbles with a small share of reserves. We are forced to trust them with our personal data, to believe in their ability to protect us from thieves who can empty our accounts. Their enormous costs make micropayments impossible. ”

More than ten years have passed since Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin. The first decentralized payment system has gained recognition among millions of users around the world. The network succeeded in many ways, but failed to become a full-fledged means of payment and compete with banks.

High commissions during transactions and a long wait for confirmations became a stumbling block in the embodiment of the main idea of ​​the great cryptographer. Neither altcoins, nor technologies, such as the Lightning Network, have managed to bring digital money to the leading positions among the world payment systems.

The UMI cryptocurrency was created with the aim of changing the current state of affairs. The competent implementation of the best developments in the field of the crypto industry will lay a new indestructible foundation that will strengthen the position of decentralized digital money in society and accelerate the process of its mass adoption, uniting the world according to new canons.

UMI is the first digital currency to incorporate the very best of both worlds — cryptocurrencies and fiat financial systems.

❗️UMI are instant, free and secure blockchain transfers with innovative Staking. It allows you to increase the number of UMI coins by simply keeping them in your wallet.

Welcome to the future! 🖖

UMI — мгновенные переводы без комиссий и стейкинг на смарт-контракте.