UMI (Universal Money Instrument) network launched —

welcome to the free world!

Today, UMI, a new decentralized cryptocurrency, has first seen the light of the day! People all over the globe are now able to make instant, secure, and completely free funds transfers. Humans are empowered with a tool allowing them to unite to effortlessly generate new digital money — with no energy expenses and powerful equipment.

We’re glad to announce:

  1. After a long period of testing, the UMI network and staking smart contract were successfully launched on June 1, 2020, and are fully functioning now.
  2. UMI’s infrastructure contains all the necessary tools and detailed information regarding the cryptocurrency. The website link:

UMI is a unique money instrument designed to set the trend and take the entire planet to the world of the future. Join now!

Best regards, UMI Team!



UMI — Универсальный Денежный Инструмент

UMI — самый быстрый блокчейн с нулевыми комиссиями и экосистема DeFi-продуктов.